L.A. Kush (CAM)Review


While not as completely coated in trichomes as the CAM Presidential Kush, this LA OG Kush was perhaps more impressive for the overall coverage, due to the massive trichome head size.  They were all perfect and well-preserved, with great harvest timing.  The actual plant matter was a frosty light green with a few darker leaves left on, while the pistils were a bold dark red-orange.  The bud structure was typical Sativa-leaning OG, with a dense yet open structure that grinds and breaks up nicely.  Top-notch visual appeal, especially up-close.


Very much like the smell, but with more of a lemon-lime OG quality to it that hit at the forefront.  The main taste and the aftertaste was a very acrid blend of fuel, soil, and chemmy, rubbery elements.  The smoke was smooth on the intake but expands like crazy, causing coughing at times.  The taste maintained its integrity through most of the session, and the final near-white ash showed a quality flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Some physical relaxation, some mood elevation — it was a bit of a mixed bag for our staff, hitting us a bit differently at times.  Strong ocular attention and appetite stimulation were evident, and all the head pressure changes may help with migraines.


This is top-level MMJ in a variety of ways, but it really depends on what you’re medicating for and what you enjoy as to whether or not this will be a strain you’ll come back to.  For most of us, it was a little too strong and racy to start, being rather pushy and overwhelming at times, especially with larger dosages.  But once that passed, it was an enjoyable and overall mood elevating experience with alternating energy, focus, spaciness, and lethargy — a really diverse mix of effects.  The bag appeal is off-the-charts, with a super aggressive package of looks, smells, and tastes that Kush and Diesel-lovers will adore.

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