Kushage (Treeline Premier Dispensary)Review


While the structure was very sound, with good density and dryness, it had quite a few guard leaves left on, which diminished the look.  It was also a little dark overall and not eye-catching from a distance.  The trichome coverage was above-average, but some heads were knocked off or otherwise damaged. The harvest was well-timed though, as most were cloudy-headed.


A slightly spiced soft citrus taste was about all we got, it seemed to be covered up by earthy and smokey qualities.  It produced lots of smoke but was fairly smooth overall.  A perfect flush was evident, with the bowl burning away to a bleached white fluffy ash.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, strong muscle relaxation, body pain/tension relief, and sleep aid as it wore on.


Though it didn’t have a late harvest, it seemed as if this strain trended a little more towards the Indica side that the cross would indicate.  The strong CBD numbers seemed to show themselves in the experience, with strong body relaxation throughout — a quality hybrid.  We wish the trim was a little better and that there was a stronger flavor, but the experience made up for much of that.

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