Kushage (Happy Harvest)Review


Dark green, brown pistils, nice and dry and on the dense side of things.  Trichs are on the amber side of the harvest [see heavy aspects of effects below].


Sweet upon exhale, but the more familiar earthy pine going in.


A fairly quick hitter that encapsulates the eyes and rolls an intense wave down the body.  The next hour is a mixture of mental spaciness and energy bursts, but the indica keeps the muscles loose and relaxed.  Kushage has the sugar rush mentality though and the downturn is heavy and draining.


Kushage is an interesting strain made from two excellent hybrids and both indica and sativa traits are present.  The feeling of sativa is even more so than the genetics suggest but it doesn’t grip the body in the Diesel manner.  Consider this a mixed-use medicine good for day or night as long as bedtime is an hour or more away.

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