Killer Queen (Herbal Element)Review


Light green and yellow from crystal coverage.  Great manicure, cure, and density.  Some rough handling created a few too many headless trichomes.


The aftertaste gets sweeter and sweeter, following an orginal light pine/skunk.  Burned to a grey/white ash, very nearly perfectly clean.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mild to moderate pain killers.  No anxiety caused with this strain, in fact it delivers a nice happy calming sensation.  It focused in the head for a while, also created appetite.


The Killer Queen has one of those names, a smoker gravitates and many patients stear clear.  Don’t be alarmed though, if you are a newer or lower tolerance patient this strain may still be for you.  The disposition and moderate pain inhibitors make this a perfect daytime medication.  It was potent but people friendly.  Chores won’t be forgotten, work can get done, and all the while you have a pleasant head and body high.

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