K1/Headband 73u Bubble Hash (CAM)Review


This was a very pretty and unique-looking hash, reminding some of our reviewers of the super-thin “pancake” hash that is common in Amsterdam.  It had swirls of reddish-brown color with some sandier shades, but looked almost uniform when inspected with the microscope, showing an even red-brown color and almost no visible signs of particulates.  We didn’t expect it to be malleable at all, but especially if lightly heated, it was more elastic than brittle and was very easy to work with.


There was some disagreement here, which may have come from the differing methods of consumption for our staff.  The reviewers who smoked the hash through a bong or pipe with titanium screen didn’t enjoy the flavor as much as the one who used an Essential Vape.  The first hit was enjoyed by all though, with a pungent citrus-pine taste that lingered on the lips.  Beyond that, the taste went downhill quickly, producing the standard smoky hash taste, which our expert said normally comes from residual moisture trapped inside the product; in this case, likely due to the pressing technique used.


As soon as we coughed, we felt the power of this sample, but it built in potency over the first 30 minutes or so, reaching its real peak at between 30 and 45 minutes.  A near-immediate mental uplift as well as an increase in pressure that hit the brow, eyes, and crown of the head served as notice of its overall potency and the Sativa side of this med.  Beyond the initial effects, there was a little bit of disagreement as to the functionality of the effect, with one reviewer who consumed a fairly high dosage struggling to concentrate at times and feeling most comfortable zoning out on the bed listening to music.  The other reviewers, however, felt almost unaffected mentally and were able to function normally in tasks, whether they were more active or sedentary.  It was moderate potency overall for a hash sample, leaving us able to function but still providing numbing body relaxation.


The effects and appearance of this strain said A-level meds to us, but once we really got into the nuts and bolts of the extraction and especially the bubble quality, we were a little disappointed and saw room for improvement.  Had the flavor that was present on the first hit or two been present for longer into the experience, the bubble quality could’ve almost been forgiven, as we were very impressed with the first hit.  We liked this sample overall though, as it was a suitable daytime extract that had a strong dose of potency to start, but released us to a productive and mostly clear-headed state.  With some improvements to the process, this hash has potential to be extremely unique and enjoyable.

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