Juicy Fruit (Medicine Man, LLC)Review


Simply put, this is the most beautiful-looking and unique sample we’ve ever seen.  The outside appearance is among the tops with its attractive array of green and purple coloring, copious trichome coverage, and great post-harvest care…  But the real surprise lies inside — lavender and mesmerizing orange-amber-purple “wizard globe” combination colors float throughout the trichome heads and even in their stems, appearing to suck the purple from the plant itself in areas.  This is the first time we’ve ever seen purple trichomes on this level — they appear both on purple and green plant surfaces and the purple seems to come in as they “amber”, with only a few actual amber heads seen on the sample… absolutely stunning.  The nugs themselves all have very sound structure with good density and what seemed to be perfect post-harvest care.  There may be a more visually-appealing sample of cannabis out there in the world somewhere, but we haven’t seen it.


Not as pleasing as the other “bag appeal” areas, the taste had an earthy/smoky element to it that killed a lot of the fruitiness.  That fruit flavor was an odd blend of creamy flavors (think pina colada) and darker fruits such as berries/plums.  The smoke was relatively smooth and not too expansive, making it an easy experience overall — the final ash was murky-looking though and suggested it could’ve used a better flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, ocular attention, inspiration/motivation, anti-anxiety, and mild body pain relief.


While the iffy flush tempted us to lower the grade to an A-, we simply could not ignore the rarity and overall beauty of this sample, as well as its thoroughly-enjoyable effects package, which our staff all absolutely loved.  It’s not a super-potent A+ that knocks you off your feet, but it’s one of those meds that we could definitely smoke every day and feel capable, engaged, and positive in almost any situation.  We’re not normally the types who fawn over purple coloring as a rule, but these trichomes are something else entirely — it makes this sample infinitely appealing to us, and I imagine it will be sitting in the archives 5 years from now just so we can show it off… it’s THAT pretty.  We’ll always remember the day we scoped this one and saw the golden-purple “wizard globe” trichomes staring back at us…

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