Jilly Bean (Green Dream Health Services)Review


White this wasn’t the most impressive sample when just looking at it with the naked eye, it really had no flaws to speak of and just looked like very good and brightly-colored medicine.  We loved the hybrid yet Sativa-dominant structure, with the “crown” calyxes at the top of each nug and the artful trim, which left some of the darker leaves on and served to vary the color further.  The trichomes were nearly perfect for our crew, with a sprinkling of clears amongst mostly cloudy and champagne/amber-colored heads.  This was about as good as this genetic line can look, given that it’s not one that’s outwardly frosty and impressive… great job by the grow and harvest team to keep this one’s integrity intact.


This one seemed to almost change at times, with some of us reporting a straight up orange drink (yep, like Tang) flavor, complete with the artificial quality of it all, while some got more of the spicy almost fuel-like qualities from the post-grind smell.  The early hits tended to be more sweet, but left a bitter citrus oil taste lingering on the lips that hinted at the flavor of the later hits.  This is an amazing orange strain though, most people will notice the similarities to the fruit immediately, whether it’s the smell or the taste.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Anti-anxiety, appetite stimulation, mood elevation, possible aid with OCD issues, and ocular relief.


With is distinctive sweet-meets-bitter citrus flavor, great structure, harvest timing, and lack of flaws, we give this Jilly Bean a hearty endorsement for patients seeking a relaxing yet mentally active Sativa experience.  Its potent, but not-too-potent effects package was perfect for a relaxing day of sedentary work or unwinding in the evening.  Patients who suffer from anxiety issues can find relief here, as this is a Sativa that will not cause panic or discomfort, even at higher dosages.  This is a great example of the strain, and the strain itself is a unique and flavorful one — that makes for a wonderful combination.

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