Jah Kush (High Grade Alternatives)Review


The sample we ended up with was a giant almost coke bottle-sized tip of what may have been the cola, giving it a certain amount of visual impact before even being examined up close.  However, up close it was apparent that the plant had hermied or otherwise been pollinated, as there were medium-sized immature seeds throughout the bud.  The outward appearance wasn’t overly impressive aside from the dense structure, but up close and inside the nug, tall, mostly clear/cloudy trichs gleamed all over the fat teardrop calyxes.


Again, not particularly appealing to our palates, the flavor was along the same lines, with a spicy and garlicky hit, but mostly the taste of vegetation and smoke (neutral/standard taste) beyond the first pull or two.  The ash that remained after this one was finished was a somewhat murky medium gray, suggesting a longer flush may have been needed even though the smoke was a little smoother than average.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Body relaxation, mild pain relief, mood enhancement, possible ocular relief.


While the grow for this one clearly didn’t go quite up to plan, it was still a solid sample, with a nicely potent start but a somewhat sharp drop into a lasting calm state.  The giant cola section we ended up with was impressive in several senses, but ultimately the strain was just not as well-grown as it could have been, mainly the larger-than-normal immature seeds that were all over the place, which also affected the taste.  Still, it was a unique sample and we look forward to trying it again to see if the unusual smell holds for other Jah Kushes and whether or not there is a more lasting peak potency to be unveiled.

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