Jack’s Cleaner 73u Bubble Hash (The Herbal Cure)Review


This sample came in a softly-pressed chunk that broke apart fairly easily when pinched with a fingernail, but could be formed back into a single piece with a bit of finger heat.  The color was slightly darker (and looked even slightly reddish in the light, which was interesting) than the purest bubble hashes that we’ve seen, but it was still fairly clean and there was minimal particulate and plant matter visible through the microscope.


Again we experienced a near-perfect reproduction of the parent strain’s signature taste, with a combination of lemons, pine, and a floral, slightly mentholated and cool quality to the exhale that left our mouths feeling fresh after consumption.  It wasn’t the most pungent-tasting water hash we’ve ever had, but it will certainly please people who look for distinct and enjoyable flavors in their extracts.  The smoke was smoother than many extracts and coughing was minimal during our reviews — if you normally cough your head off with extracts, give this one a shot, especially through water.


Coming on after the first hit, but building in potency over the initial 15-30 minutes, this extract felt highly Sativa to our crew from the get-go.  Along with the typical influx of pressure to the eyes and face, we got a light, fluttery feeling in the chest and some strong body rushes that weren’t exactly relaxing, but more potent and on the rushy side.  The strong and enduring initial effects (the peak seemed to last over the entire first hour) are probably a bit much for anxiety-sufferers, as even our experienced staff thought we may have overdone the dosage at times.  Overall though, the effect was clear-headed, energetic, slightly psychedelic (some interesting audio/visual changes in perception), and uplifting.  Tasks could be accomplished, especially after the very potent first hour, and conversation came easily for the most part.  A smooth decline made the effect slightly more relaxing as it declined in potency, but we never felt drained, which is great.


We were very pleased overall with this sample, and rank it amongst the better bubble hash in town, both for its purity and the high level of terpene preservation, leading to potent smell and flavor.  Especially nice was how true-to-the-strain these qualities were, seemingly concentrating the best parts of Jack’s Cleaner in multiple areas. The uplifting but slightly rushy Sativa effect started strong and held on at a high level, yet still allowed us to function and complete tasks as needed.  It was very mentally-stimulating, both in terms of speeding up the thought processes quite a bit and stimulating creativity and humor.  This is a wonderful daytime or morning type of med for more experienced extract patients, serving to awaken the senses and the mind while also aiding with pain relief, appetite stimulation, mood elevation, and coming with strong ocular effects.

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amongst water-extracted hash samples


73 micron water-extracted bubble hash made from 100% in-house Jack’s Cleaner (Sativa-dominant hybrid)

The Herbal Cure