Jack Flash (The Releaf Center)Review


Like our previous review from earlier in the year, the Releaf Jack Flash is absolutely insane-looking with the tall trichomes that seem to buckle under their own weight… just loaded with them.  The bud we received was a fairly large 1.8g bud with great structure, a perfect dryness level, and no visible signs of stress.  A well-timed harvest with a good mix of clear, cloudy, and amber trichs capped off the sound package presented by the Jack Flash.


A sweet yet peppery lemon-pine with a flowery quality… the aftertaste was fairly strong with lemons and it persisted through much of the bowl, even as it was turning black.  Fairly expansive but rather smooth, it was an enjoyable smoking experience… the final ash was a little murky and finished a medium gray, indicating that it may have needed a slightly more thorough flush.  The taste for some reason wasn’t as pronounced as the previous SoG Jack Flash despite the change to soil…


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, motivation, ocular attention, anti-depression, appetite stimulation, mild nausea, joint pain, general relaxation, and migraines.


We struggled with the overall rating a bit on this one, wavering between an A- and an A, mainly because we felt that the previous Sea of Green Jack Flash was a little more potent and tasted better, but this one smelled nicer and still had all the intimidating trichomes and overall “look” of the previous sample.  In the end, they are different versions of the same strain, both well-executed and both valuable.  If we had to pick between the two, the SoG version would win at this point… but with a little longer cure for the soil version, it would be a toss-up.  Either way, if you like Jack Flash, this is one of the best you’ll find in town regardless of its grow method…

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