Jack Flash (Fresh Baked)Review


This is a downright gorgeous sample, with a very abundant coverage of large-headed and thin-stemmed trichomes, which seemed to gleam like diamonds whenever light hit the nugs.  The only complaint we had was the presence of some guard leaves which could’ve been trimmed off — but otherwise, this was a near-perfect job from both the grow and post-harvest team.  The trichome heads were a varied mix of clear, cloud, and amber (about 15-20% ambers), and were very well-preserved overall.  This looked similar to many samples of Jack Flash that we’ve seen, but is perhaps the best example we’ve seen thanks to its dense structure, thick trich coverage, and lack of real flaws.


While sharing qualities with both the pre and post-grind aroma, the flavor just fell short of those heights, giving more of a lightly sweet and floral, creamy orange flavor on the inhale, and a sharper more haze-like and spicy exhale.  The flush seemed well-done, as the final ash was a fluffy light gray and white, and the smoke was very smooth throughout the experience.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, anti-anxiety, moderate body relaxation, mild pain relief (specifically joint pain), migraine/headache relief, ocular attention, and energy.


This overall wasn’t the absolute best Jack Flash we’ve ever tried, but it came very close thanks to its incredible bag appeal and moderate Sativa effects, which we all enjoyed immensely.  The dense structure and frosty appearance had us excited to smoke it, and the aroma just increased that anticipation.  A wonderful example of the strain, anyone who has tried Jack Flash but wasn’t sure if it was up-to-par, or those who love the strain should certainly check out this example from Fresh Baked, as it hit all of the proper notes and had essentially no flaws to speak of.

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