Island Sweet Skunk (Breckenridge Cannabis Club)Review


With a very light structure despite the fat, round calyxes, this ISS was a little loose for our tastes and looked like it didn’t reach its full potential yield-wise.  There were thick orange-brown pistils everywhere, but not a whole lot of structure underneath them.  The texture was okay enough, though we did notice some immature seed pods forming as well as an iffy trim job… definitely not top-notch visually for an ISS.


Nobody got much of note here, we all just basically tasted smoke, with one reviewer picking up a hint of pine.  It wasn’t unpleasant and didn’t carry any bad aftertaste, it just didn’t have any flavor to speak of.  It was fine to smoke and was average in harshness and expansion, burning away to a clean-looking light gray ash.  not sure where the taste went, but the flush didn’t seem to be a culprit, which is good.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy at first, ocular attention throughout, appetite stimulation, and some sleep aid properties as it wore on.


It appeared that the grow didn’t go totally as planned with this ISS, as the structure and lacking taste seemed to indicate.  The ‘bag appeal’ was certainly not up to snuff, but the experience was still pretty solid.  The initial burst of energy wasn’t particularly useful due to the spacey, unfocused nature of it, but it would still be good for a pick-me-up.  There was strong ocular attention throughout, making this a probable aid for glaucoma patients — we didn’t find a ton of other medical uses though, as joint pain seemed to persist.  The shift after the halfway point left two of our staff ready for bedtime, so there may be some sleep aid merit as well, though you have to get through a Sativa energy-fest to start.

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