Ingrid (Wellspring Collective)Review


This sample was of slightly above-average density, and was a uniform medium green with huge tall trichomes and pale orange hairs.  It had some of the best trich coverage in terms of density and trich head size that we’ve seen; seems like a true Hashplant.  Nicely swelled and bubbly calyxes with a nice manicure give this one a high bud-to-leaf ratio as well.  The trichomes were mostly clear-cloudy, with maybe 10% ambers… great harvest timing.


Fortunately it didn’t taste like it smelled, and instead produced an ethereal and herby (maybe some sandalwood in there?) taste that almost reminded us of a Haze weirdly enough.  Another interesting trait is the wonderful almost menthol-sweet smell the actual smoke had, as it left the room smelling fragrant.  The taste wasn’t overt at any point, but the smoke was very pleasing and smooth with no coughing.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation, pain relief, tension relief, sleep aid, possible ocular relief.


With its um, distinctive and pungent aroma, it’s ridiculous trich coverage, and long-lasting, medicinal effects, Wellspring’s Ingrid is truly a winner of a strain.  This one would do the trick for almost any type of pain or discomfort, and its relaxing effects were both mentally and physically medicating.  It would probably get on top of most patients who aren’t heavy users, as even a 0.3g dose was enough to put a veteran into the “overwhelming” range at the onset.  Its enduring medicinal-level efficacy was the key component of its high score, as there was almost no drop-off in effects as the 2nd hour elapsed, which is unusual.

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