Headband (CAM)Review


Blend of greens with coral-colored pistils, this sample had only a passable manicure, with some barely frosty leaves left on.  Trich formation wasn’t as dense as some strains but was above-average to the naked eye.  Moderate density and perfect dryness, with mostly clear–cloudy trichome heads.


Soil and fuel were the main tastes going in but it had a strange vegetal taste on the exhale.  The taste quality dwindled heavily towards the end and the final ash was a bit murky and dark gray, indicating a possible flush issue.  Still, when the taste was present, it was a solid Headband that was rather smooth on the throat.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, motivation, clear-headed, mood elevation, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, vision seemed sharp.


We were especially pleased with the effects of this Headband, but the smell (and to a lesser extent) the taste were both nothing to sneeze at.  We loved how motivating and clear-headed the strain was, especially during this time of year where it seems there’s always something to do.  This would be especially great for creative types such as musicians and artists — you don’t want to ever sit still but it was never ‘racy’ or uncomfortable.  With a nicer trim and a more thorough flush, this would compete with the best Headband around.

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