Grunk (Medicine on the Hill)Review


Beautiful, well manicured, crystal dipped buds.  They were nice and dry and they had hints of the Grape lineage signature color.


Grape & Skunk (tasted more even split than it smelled)


Instant starter that gave me a burst of energy, yet a bit too overwhelming to go out into the world with it at first.  Fuzzy headed and a bit dopey, my workload for the day had to suffer a brief delay so could recollect my bearings (a good hour).  When the “storm” calmed down a little I found no problem with function and motivation to get things done.  Drained when done though.


This is a top notch strain – great representation of its parents. It hits hard with huge expansion. It was strong but fun and made me want to go walking downtown. The only real negative thing I can say is I was left a little tired at the end of my session (the initial buzz is often the part people are looking for).

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