Green Dream Budder (Green Dream Health Services)Review


This sample was a lovely golden blond color, with no real traces of particulate or other impurities at the microscopic level.  The texture is perhaps a little dry for some people, as it crumbles easily and also will tend to melt into the hand with more than ~5 seconds of manual handling.  We suggest heating whatever tool you’re using to get it to stick to it slightly, or use some sort of scoop to dose it out.


A clean lemon-pine with just a hint of Kushy flavor was the dominant quality here, with a mentholated edge that left the mouth feeling clean and tingly.  Unlike many extracts, this one didn’t make us cough much at all through the Essential Vape, hitting the throat smoothly and leaving us breathing comfortably afterwards.  On the skillet, it will cause coughing with large dabs, but nothing out of the ordinary.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong pain relief, aid with muscle and nerve issues, ocular relief, some appetite stimulation qualities, mood elevation, and possible benefits with wasting diseases.


We talked with the people who made the hash, and they raved about how high-quality the trim used in its manufacture was, and said that it paid off in a pure final product.  We have to agree, and found no real flaws with this medicine, either in the “bag appeal” areas or the effects.  The long-lasting pain relief especially was worth noting, as well as the overall duration and potency of effects.  This is a top-level extract, among the highest-potency we’ve had according to the cananbinoid profile results.  The radiant golden color shows how pure the initial material used was, and the lack of particulates left in the vial backs that up further.  If you’re a patient who likes wax/budder/BHO, do yourself a solid and try this version from Green Dream.

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