Grapefruit (Native’s Choice)Review


This sample was plenty dry and not overly dense, but did not have a great manicure.  Solid trichome count and dark orange pistils are characteristic of this strain.


Unfortunately, we never experienced any of the taste associated with this strain.  It may be this cut carries the scent but not much taste or that our sample was somehow compromised.  On the plus side, it was grown quite well as the bowl burned to a perfect white ash.


The initial effect is a warm rush, or pulsing feeling, of blood and medicine to the rear of the head and ears.  It produces a sativa yawn and an inclination to stretch out and relax.  Body energy level was elevated but only momentarily, then it drifts into a basic and non-descript sativa high but not particularly strong.


The Grapefruit was an average potency for medical grade marijuana and produces mostly sativa traits consistent with its lineage.  This specimen never produced strong effects but did provide some general relaxation and head spaciness.  Past encounters with Grapefruit urge us to try this strain again, as we expected a little better scoring.

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