Grape Stomper (Advanced Medical Alternatives)Review


One of the densest, driest samples we’ve had in quite some time, the spear-shaped nug was hard to break up without the aid of a grinder.  The trichomes seemed from a distance to be busted up and broken, but upon closer inspection, they were mostly intact and cloudy.  It was a light, frosty green and the purple lineage was nowhere to be seen on our sample.


While two of three reviewers found little else aside from a smokey, woody, hashy taste, one reviewer picked up a faint sweet grape.  It was certainly subdued, and much of that was probably due to the complete lack of moisture in the sample…  The smoke was relatively harsh and expansive, burning into a thick yellowish cloud that made us cough.  It burned to a light gray mottled ash, indicating a solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy at first, slight mood elevation, ocular attention throughout, sleep aid towards the end… a varied experience.


We want to try this one when it’s fresh from a cure jar and sitting around 10% moisture rather than at the uber-dry state in which we got this one.  It seems that the dryness level sucked much of the flavor out of it, making the smoking experience tougher than it needed to be.  Despite that, it was a fragrant and rather potent sample that sent us on an up-then-down journey.  People who like the purple/grape qualities in bag appeal but want more of a Sativa experience (at least at first) should check this one out.

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