Grape Ape (Urban Dispensary)Review


Like most Grape Ape smaples, this one was visually-appealing to the eye simply due to its array of colors, which ranged from an almost pastel mint green on the leaves to royal purple and creamy orange in the calyxes.  It seemed as if this one was pulled slightly early, as Grape Ape is known for purpling up additionally later in flowering, and the mostly clear-cloudy trichomes and occasional yellowish-white pistil told the same story — another few days would’ve probably helped this one.  That said, we didn’t find any real flaws with the grow, and there were no tiny seeds or other glaring issues.  We liked the dryness level, which allowed for a bit of give before the stems snapped, resulting in a nicely sticky texture.


We had a little bit of disagreement on the overall appeal of this sample’s flavor, as one reviewer reported a slightly chemmy taste that hampered the experience.  The other two reviewers noted no such thing, so it may have been an isolated occurrence.  The dominant flavor was most like the post-grind smell, with a very floral and light quality and undertones of sweet fruit and incense.  The flavor duration was above-average and there was something pleasant to get out of the experience even when ash was beginning to show.  There was a bit or harshness to this sample, but nothing major — we only coughed a little bit towards the end as the smoke became rather thick.  The flush appeared to be solid, as the final ash was a fluffy medium-light gray with white areas.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, muscle and nerve pain relief, body relaxation, anti-anxiety, and appetite stimulation.


While we all enjoyed this Grape Ape and found it relieving for a variety of medical issues, it just fell a little bit short of the best Grape Ape samples we’ve seen, including some previous grows from Urban itself.  We know that this strain can get denser and more calyx-heavy, which would likely improve the overall potency — this one seemed a little heavy on pistils and frosty leaves compared to some other GA’s we’ve had.  The smell and flavor were nearly identical and fell squarely into the “sweet floral incense” category rather than the candy Grape/Kool-Aid type of flavor that shows up in some versions of the strain.  The effects were only moderately potent, but that’s honestly a good thing for many people, as this made for a functional, yet very relaxed and positive experience — we think it would be perfect as a mid-morning pain-killer and mood-elevator without inhibiting function too much.  This strain is a great choice for beginner and intermediate patients who want a not-so-heavy Indica for daytime hours.

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