Grape Ape (The Herbal Cure)Review


As with many bright purple samples, it gets some bonus points for simply being colorful and a change of pace from the greens and oranges that are so common in the cannabis world.  The trichomes were well-preserved and showed a nice array of cloudy heads, which is unusual it seems, as most samples are clear and amber-heavy.  We found no real flaws with this one, it was perfectly dense without being blocky, had no signs of tiny seeds or other grow issues, and arrived in a nicely-cured, crispy dry state.


While some reviewers liked this one more than others, overall it was a well-done example of the Grape Ape flavor, with a mix of sweet grape (like juice or candy, not wine), incense, and floral notes, which even brought to mind high-quality hash, especially on the exhale.  The smoke was expansive and fairly thick, yet hit the throat smoothly and only caused a light amount of coughing.  The resulting ash was a crisp light gray and white, showing that a quality flush had taken place.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, body relaxation, moderate pain relief (especially neck and back), anti-anxiety, ocular issues, and sleep aid.


Though we wished that the duration was a little longer to kick it into the true ‘A’ range, the quick drop in effect is nice when one wants to medicate with a fairly potent strain, but don’t want any lingering effects creeping into the rest of the day.  Its versatility was appreciated as well, as we felt that we could use this one in the morning for pain without knocking the legs out of our daytime plans, while at night (especially at high dosages), it was a quality sleep aid after an initial period of fun.  The deep purple color with the almost golden pistils and abundant trichome coverage impressed us visually, while the aroma and flavor gave us exactly what we expected from this strain — great job by the grow and post harvest team overall on this notoriously tough-to-grow strain.

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