Grape Ape (Sweet Leaf Inc)Review


This was a pretty sample, plenty of famous purple color and good trichome level.


Kush grape taste, average expansion and harshness levels.


The Grape Ape is a body numbing and relaxing indica strain, as are most purple strains.  This specimen produced similar body relaxation, muscle warming, and even light headedness in all reviewers.


Purple strains often cause discussion because folks typically love them or hate them.  We’ve found that a majority of us don’t prefer purple and they have been dubbed “all show and no go”.  However, every sample must be compared against its own strain as well as all strains in general.  This Grape Ape sample was good enough to convince some prior non-believers, yet leave others saying average at best.  Verdict is average among all medicinal strains but above average among its purple sisters and cousins.

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