Grape Ape (Nedicate)Review


This sample appears to be the “real” Grape Ape, with deep royal purple tones everywhere, which are contrasted by greens.  The bud was a little wet for our liking, but it was harvested at the perfect time, with mostly cloudy trich heads.  Moderate trichome coverage (many of which were purple) and above-average density makes this a looker, maybe the prettiest purple strain we’ve had.


Tasted mainly on the exhale, this was an almost saccharine sweetness… on the inhale it produced a strange and unique gingery taste.  No real trace of the typical “purple” taste, which was a welcome change for us.  The smoke was moderately harsh and caused some coughing, while the ash burned down to a medium gray (about a 7/10 on the cleanliness scale).


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  General relaxation, body tension relief, mood elevation, anti-anxiety,  possible sleep aid later in the day.


This is one of the top purple lineage strains we’ve had the pleasure of trying for sure — a nice taste/smell/appearance package led to good things in the effects.  Patients who seek a fairly heavy medicinal Indica should always give purples a look, but this Grape Ape was never overwhelmingly strong, leaving room for some functionality and a relatively clear head (and eyes, for that matter).  Due to the dryness level, this strain didn’t burn great even when ground-up, so we’d be interested to see how it smokes minus the excess moisture… might push it into the A range.

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