Grape Ape (Broadway Wellness)Review


Light green, dark purple, yellow, orange pistils.  When broken open there are even some black areas – very dark.  Very good trichome count, just on the far side of too dense and too dry.


Initial taste is a bit skunky, but it leaves a terrific sweet grape flavor after taste that kept us coming back for more.


This is a body experience, strong potency (feels more potent than our other Grape Apes we’ve tested) that will provide a diluted light-head feeling.  The medicine grabs your body and forces its relaxation as it massages away anything heavy stressing your mind.


This is a long lasting, great tasting medical strain.  The slow and steady nature of the strain combined with the great taste could easily make this one that you over-do, so take note of your company and your surroundings.

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