Golden Goat (CAM)Review


This was a healthy bright green sample with peach-colored pistils and a layer of sparkly mostly-clear trichomes.  The nugs were mostly spear-shaped and had fairly solid structure, though they had a decent of residual leaf matter left on.  We saw some very tiny seeds in the grinder, but we didn’t actually see any hermie flowers and otherwise it was flaw-free.


The sweetness in the aroma mostly translated to the taste, especially when smoked in a joint — even the latter parts had a lasting sweetness.  It’s a citrus-dominant taste with a pleasing creamy floral element, reminding us of our favorite ISS samples.  The smoke hit the throat moderately harsh and also packed some expansion, so some coughing is expected.  It seemed to have a solid flush as well, leaving behind a light gray ash.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, mild body pain relief,, ocular attention, and some relaxation later in the duration.


This Golden Goat was very well-grown and smelled amazing, a must-smell if you like sweet and fruity strains.  The structure and overall appearance were definitely solid despite a couple of small issues (trim, tiny seeds) that didn’t really harm the actual experience.  While the bag appeal areas were universally-liked, the effect was a bit much for one of our reviewers at a higher dosage — we recommend taking it easy with this one at first.  Energetic and borderline racy early, we never really felt the urge to leave the couch despite the racing thoughts and cerebral nature.  A bit of an “extreme sport” med at times, it’s recommended as a daytime uplift with some body relaxation attributes.

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