Giga Bud (Karmaceuticals)Review


Looks like a lightly frosted Christmas tree.  Huge – dense, almost rock like buds, lightly sprinkled with cloudy and amber trichomes on its multi-green surface.


Tastes very earthy and is a bit peppery and spicy.  Leaves a hash like taste on exhale.


Will give you cotton-mouth so be prepared with something tasty to drink.  Creates a strong sedating high that makes you feel happy but lazy.  Impairs mental abilities like focus, concentration, and speech.


The very dense Giga Bud is bred by G-13 Labs, and is a great yielding strain.  An early flowering strain ideal for indoor growing.  I hear that these buds get massive and compact.  I can tell my sample was an exact replica of what I’ve been hearing about.  Having a grinder handy will make it easier to prepare these flowers for medication.  Strong mind numbing effects that deliver a long lasting, and strong medicinal experience.

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