G-13 Widow Wax (Biocare)Review


The amazing spun gold color of this extract was the first thing that caught our collective eye.  According to our BHO expert, the only way to get this particular type of golden yellow color is to start with very high-quality source material, likely lower buds or very frosty trim.  That appears to be the case here, and this extract also seemed nicely pure when examined under the microscope, showing very little particulate.  The shiny, oily texture was surprisingly easy to handle manually and stuck to a dabber nicely — bonus points for ease-of-use.


This extract had a pure flavor which had mostly the lemon-pine qualities and lost some of the eucalyptus-like notes which were present in the aroma.  It was pungent in its own way, with enough flavor to raise an eyebrow, but falling short of some of the strongest-tasting BHO samples we’ve had.


This one came on strong and fast, like most BHO samples, but it never got to that overwhelming state that many often do.  We appreciated the finesse that this sample had, vacillating between Indica and Sativa effects throughout the duration, keeping us both mentally energized and clear, yet mostly immobile and highly relaxed body-wise.  It was a floaty experience and promoted a sense of well-being, staying rather strong through 2 hours, and trailing out from there.  We loved how it didn’t have any residual effects — the long comedown period left  us feeling both relaxed and mentally-energized, basically right back to where we were prior to medicating.


Surprisingly, this hash made for a solid daytime choice and was not a daywrecker as the strain it came from can often be.  It was smoother than average for extracts and seemed rather pure, retaining a very similar smell and flavor to the parent strain and displaying the outward signs of high-quality wax/budder.  Its easy-to-handle texture was a bonus in what was a well-composed package overall, which we felt would be great for a moderately busy day with sedentary work or perhaps an after-work unwinding session.  It didn’t knock us for a loop, and that was a good thing, but it was a slight level lower in peak potency than some of the best BHO we’ve seen, sticking it in the high A- area.

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