Flo (The Releaf Center)Review


“Foxtail” is the word that came to mind immediately when this nug emerged from the jar…  This particular nug was super Sativa-looking, with a nearly 2″ long columnar foxtail hanging off the bottom, a palette of nearly neon green colors, and thick, ropey orange pistils.  The only real knock was the manicure, as it had several large non-frosty leaves attached.


This Flo possessed a fairly neutral taste, but one reviewer did pick up some of the traditional sweet hashy flavors it’s known for.  Not a particularly pungent taste, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Smooth smoke, and the bowl left a light gray ash, indicating a solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, possibly ocular relief, mental and physical relaxation, and appetite stimulation.


An unusual-looking Flo to say the least, we were impressed with the super-Sativa look of the whole package despite the ramifications on the texture (on the wispy side).  The real star though was the nice burst of energy and happiness that the Flo created in us almost immediately as well as the body relaxation that kept us feeling pain-free while using all that energy.  Not a traditional Flo by any means (generally you see the blue/purple phenotype more often, but this one looked different than the green phenos we’ve seen), but with seed-based genetics you can never really anticipate what kind of plant will come out of that packet… this seems like a bit of a mutant, but a very enjoyable one.

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