Earth OG Kush (The Breck Loft)Review


While it seemed to be an impressive-looking strain, the sample we ended up with was composed mostly of rather small “popcorn buds” that weren’t terribly impressive to look at.  They had nice structure (medium density) and were very frosty, but also had a loose manicure that left some yellowed leaves on, which knocked down the bag appeal a bit.  There were also some tiny seeds spotted in the calyxes after grinding…  Still though, a solid specimen that had us excited to give it a try.


Very similar to the smell, this was a bit fresher tasting and less-pungent than we expected from this cross, with the gingery/spicy bite of the OG Kush dominating, leaving a fuel-tinged aftertaste.  There were notes of soil, eucalyptus, and petrol…  The smoke expanded readily and produced a thick cloud but was still fairly smooth on the throat, leaving behind a nearly perfect fluffy light gray ash.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, strong ocular attention, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, headaches, appetite stimulation, and relief of minor stomach discomfort.


While we weren’t expecting to award an A- here, we were actually very happy with the strain overall — it just didn’t have the potency and high ceiling that the parent strains are generally known for.  It started off very strong but calmed down and stayed relatively stable after that… we just wanted a little bit more peak potency and staying power to give it an A.  However, we all loved the effects of this strain — it simply made us feel GOOD and provided a quality boost of energy, creativity, and sociability that is great for daytime or a busy night.  At times it was a bit trippy and spacey, but it was relatively functional throughout as well as being a solid “stealth” med.  We recommend this strain to moderate-to-advanced patients who are looking for a mood boost and relief from the stresses of life… great day-in-the-park with friends type of strain.

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