Dutch Treat Haze (Boulder MMC)Review


This was one of the rare samples that made it through a very long flowering period with no visible flaws — no tiny seeds, no hermie bananas, no trim issues, no harvest timing complaints — as hard as we tried, there was really nothing we could find to knock this one down a peg.  The nug structure is stout and compact, with a well-cured feel to it and the typical Colorado dryness level, where it breaks apart easily but doesn’t crumble into dust.  The trichome coverage on this strain is rather above-average, and the perfect golden-amber coloration on most of them shows that this was pulled at just the right time for our tastes.


Again, there was a difference of opinion here, with the reviewer who loves the smell again loving the lightly sweet, floral Haze flavor this strain offered while others were left wanting for more pungency.  So if you’re a patient who appreciates the subtle flavors, this is one that you’ll enjoy.  However, the subtle flavor that existed on the first hit seemed to endure throughout the session, even on the final exhale, which is always nice. The smoke was expansive but fairly smooth on the throat, with only some coughing experienced.  The final ash was a mix of light gray and white, showing a quality flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major energy boost, strong ocular effects, cycling head pressure, and some relaxation late.


While our review staff didn’t find a ton of medical benefit for their particular ailments and thought that this strain may serve to rile up anxiety and possibly even muscle tension early, we couldn’t help but to love this strain regardless.  The sheer power of the start along with the medicinal-level and overall duration reaching the upper rungs of MMJ left us impressed.  The bag appeal areas were somewhat contentious, but the reviewer with macro-level viewing capabilities appreciated it the most, showing that the details were all perfectly in place.  With what seems to be a flawless grow, this strain may be at its maximum potential, and it’s surely one that Sativa-lovers should give a try.  This is a very strong and pure-feeling Haze experience that is really only for experienced users and those who can handle the more aggressive side of the effects spectrum.

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