Dutch Treat Haze (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


This strain came mostly in the form of little minty green Christmas tree-shaped buds that glimmered with fat-headed trichomes.  It had a very solid manicure, but there were some darker green leaves visible, along with the dark red and light brown pistils.  Perfectly dry and cured just the way we like it, it also had a very well-timed harvest, as it displayed about 25% ambered trichomes and many that were cloudy.  A good density for a Sativa-dominant sample, the flower clusters had a little give but were rather solid and left a dusting of trichs on your fingers when handled.


A strong taste of eucalyptus along with some grassy-tasting citrus was the dominant taste profile here.  The smoke was fairly thick and tickled the throat, causing a decent amount of coughing, but it didn’t have any kind of burning or real harshness.  It seemed to taste slightly better through a clean pipe than an IncrediBowl for whatever reason, normally it’s the opposite.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Motivation, creativity, possible ocular relief, clear-headed relief.


A very productive and energetic daytime strain, this Dutch Treat Haze felt Sativa dominant in profile until the very end, when tiredness and a groggy head kicked in.  The almost linear focus on projects and creative pursuits would make this a great choice for a productive weekend morning, but probably not the best for enjoying the company of others, as it was cerebral and slightly introspective.  Though it didn’t provide a ton of pain relief, it would satisfy most Sativa lovers and those who aren’t looking for a strong body high.  The pleasant taste and smell make this an above average total package for sure, and it will really please a patient desiring some extra motivation and energy from their meds.

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