Double Diesel (Karmaceuticals)Review


We all really liked the look of this one, from its foxtailed (but not heat-stressed) structure to its perfect manicure and trichome coverage.  Just a very pretty example of a Diesel strain, with a strong lime green color, peach pistils, and great harvest timing (10% or so ambers).  We couldn’t find any flaws with this one appearance-wise; there were no signs of stress like tiny seeds or discoloration, and it was perfectly dense without being an over-dried rock.


Similar to the smell but much less sweet-tinged, the taste was also a semi-musky citrus with some menthol qualities.  It turned a bit more to the earthy/smoky side as it burned away, but overall was rather pleasant the whole way through.  One reviewer reported some post-smoking throat burn, but the others felt it was a pretty smooth smoke despite being fairly thick.  Pretty average taste overall, which was slightly disappointing after the top-notch aroma.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, anti-anxiety (though the first 30 mins were a little rushy-feeling), ocular attention, good appetite stimulation, and relaxation as it went on.


Though we missed the acrid Sour Diesel part of the equation at times, this was a very enjoyable Diesel experience that was neither too heavy nor too light.  It felt like a true hybrid, with a blend of Sativa and Indica effects that played well together rather than battling for attention.  The appearance was top-notch, with its sound but distinct structure, copious trichome coverage, and lack of flaws.  The smell was right up our alley and seemed NYCD-dominant with a grapefuit bent.  Overall, we like this med as a daytime or early evening strain for those looking for some mood elevation, relaxation, and appetite stimulation — it’s suitable for all levels of patient because it was never too strong but can be enjoyed even by the connoisseurs.

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