Dopium (Denver Relief)Review


Light in structure and covered in fat-calyxed foxtails, it was heavy on the calyx-to-leaf ratio, but seemed to possibly suffer from heat issues.  Still, it was very frosty and appealing to the eye and up close.  The trim job was sub-par, with some random stems and low-trich guard leaves left on, we also saw some male flowers and some tiny seeds throughout the sample.  This was a case where we’d like to see this strain without these Summertime issues.


The first three or so hits taste rather strong and produced a sour chemical pine taste with some smoky, almost hickory-like notes and a lingering aftertaste.  The taste went downhill past that point and the smoke got harsher, finishing out with a speckled black-white ash.  We think it could’ve used a longer flush and cure, but the first part was very potent and enjoyable.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, ocular attention, aid with digestive issues, appetite, and muscle relaxation leading to sleep aid at the end.


It seems that the Summer may have taken its toll on this one, and we’d really like to see it again without the stress issues such as tiny seeds, hermie ‘bananas’, and the light structure.  Despite that, the smell and taste were both suggestive of the potency within — stinky and overwhelming, especially when en masse.  However, the best part of this strain was the experience, which was that of a very pure Sativa — almost Haze-like with it energetic, spacey, social start.  The potency was lasting and high overall, while the relaxing, slightly draining finish would lead us to suggest this as a busy night type of med, where you can sleep afterwards if needed.

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