Diesel Berry (The Releaf Center)Review


This was a fairly gorgeous sample, with an appealing and nicely dense structure, a very generous coating of trichomes, and an array of greens that made it immediately appealing.  One nug seemed to have a rounded structure more like Blueberry, while another had a pointed Diesel-like shape, so it was hard to pick up much from the structure — both nugs were wonderfully dense and at the perfect level of dryness for our tastes.  This strain has a very high trichome count overall, with thin stalks and large, perfectly round heads which were mostly at the peak of ripeness.  The only flaw we found with this sample was the presence of a few tiny seeds, which appeared to have been caused by another plant in the room, as we saw no signs of stress or male flowers on the sample.  Beautiful strain — it definitely made most of the crew let out an audible “wow” when seeing it for the first time.


This strain started off great, with a hint of Diesel acridness, quickly converting to a smooth tangy citrus-dominant flavor on the exhale.  That fresh, lightly sweet quality carried on through the majority of the session, only losing its flavor and becoming more harsh on the final few hits.  The smoke did tickle the throat after the halfway mark, causing some coughing and becoming less enjoyable.  Still, the solid flavor preservation and a fluffy light gray and white ash indicated it had received a proper flush and cure.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong ocular and facial pressure fluctuations, mood elevation, energy, minor pain relief (both nerve and muscle), and strong appetite stimulation.


This was a sample that hit hard early on, which places it in the category of “experienced patients only” — those who have anxiety issues or can’t handle a strong start may want to stay away from this one.  That said, the rushy side only lasted for part of the experience, and overall it was an enjoyable Sativa-dominant ride with tinges of psychedelia and creativity.  The “bag appeal” areas were all excellent, and we especially loved how trich-covered it was — this was one of those samples that looks great at arm’s length and gets even up-close.  Give this strain a try if you are looking for a potent and cerebral yet mostly functional Sativa for the daytime.  It fell just shy of the ‘A’ because of the tiny seeds we noticed and the nagging suspicion that the flavor could’ve improved, but with a perfect harvest, this would absolutely be some top-flight medicine.

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