DAK (The Health Depot)Review


Easily the most impressive part about the appearance of this strain was its trichome coverage and harvest timing — the sample was covered in a thick carpet of trichomes that were mainly cloudy, with maybe 10% ambered… pretty perfect.  Beyond that, it was a pleasing and fairly vibrant collection of greens with orange pistils and was structured like many well-grown Sativas; light, but not wispy.  No real flaws to be found here, great job by the grow team.


While one reviewer got a reasonably strong and very enjoyable taste from this strain, the majority of the crew struggled to get a read on it and weren’t that impressed by what they did get.  A fleeting, perfume-like sweetness was all the majority reported, but the one who liked it picked up on a floral-leaning citrus sweetness that faded out after about 2 hits, followed by a fuel-tinged aftertaste.  A possible reason for the lack of flavor is the flush, as the final ash was a bit murky and it made our reviewers sneeze/cough a couple of times.  This strain was grown in 18-gallon soil containers though, so that’s understandably difficult to flush thoroughly…


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Strong ocular attention, body pain relief, boost of energy to start, and mood elevation.


The Health Depot has a few in-house crosses available, but we think this is the pick of the litter — it’s a very thoughtful cross that really combined the best of the two parents into a complete hybrid package.  They coordinated the harvest timing with Full Spectrum Laboratories to calculate the maximum potency, and it seems to have paid off with the near-overwhelming experience that started this one off.  A wonderful hybrid in the truest sense, it started off strongly Sativa but rounded out to a relaxing ride that held strong through 2 hours.  This one is recommended for more experienced patients, as the initial effects may be too strong for many… a very small dosage will be sufficient for most.

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