Cotton Candy x Romulan (Delta 9)Review


Nice fluffy flowers with tons of pinkish hairs emerging from the calyxes.  Very nice trichome count, a little too dry but better than too moist.


Sweet taste of fruity candy.  Its thick skunky odor stays in the back of the throat.  A nice taste but not very strong compared to the frangrance or other sweet tasting strains.


The medicine kicks in real quick and hits the head and body – rising effects for 15 minutes.  Gives a wavy feeling across the body, with a strong cerebral high.  Makes you very energetic in the mind, but often shuts down the body at the same time.


Absolutely a great hybrid and one of the best aromas available today.  The flavorful taste of the Cotton Candy (or Sweet Tooth) mixed with the great power of Romulan, makes this an ideal medication. An important note to make is that there seems to be no peak of high with this strain, so although the duration could have been better to receive an A a patient can easily up the dosage to reach desired effects.

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