Colorado Cough 73u Bubble Hash (Green Mountain CARE)Review


This hash reminded us more of standard blond pressed hash than bubble hash, but it appears that it was pressed into the dense squared shape after extraction.  It wasn’t the most appealing texture to us, simply because it was so dense and dry that it was difficult to chip pieces off, requiring use of a fingernail or even a small knife to scrape pieces off.  Upon close inspection, it was clear that this sample could’ve benefited from an additional rinsing, as there was speckled plant matter and other particulate visible amongst the trichome heads and stems.  Simply put, this one wasn’t on the level of some samples we’ve had lately in terms of appearance… very standard hash here.


Almost identical to the aroma, the flavor on the initial hit or two was a lightly floral and piney hash flavor.  Beyond the first hits though, it converted to the standard smoky hashy/kiefy flavor, tasting only of burned trichomes.


After a sub-par showing in the “bag appeal” and melt areas, this has had some work to do in order to earn a good grade — fortunately, the effects portion of the experience was much more in line with what we’d expect from ~60% THC bubble hash.  We felt an immediate uplift in mood and energy, causing most of our staff to get up and be active rather than sit and stare.  A flourish of thoughts and visualizations rushed through our minds and while we were able to focus if needed, this was more of a “follow your fancy” type of med, being conducive to creative and social pursuits more than focused work.  One thing we noticed is the “creeper” quality that this hash had, seemingly building in potency until reaching its peak at ~1 hour, as late as 1.5 hours for some of our staff.  It was a long-lasting experience, but stayed relatively flat in terms of experience — the same uplift carried us through the end of the experience, with some full body waves and minor pain relief (we’re thinking it was more distraction because we were busy) being the only non-mental effects we really noticed.


If you’re a bubble hash snob and only want the highest-purity, best-bubbling specimens available, then this hash probably isn’t for you.  However, if you can overlook the lack of a real bubble and the mild and fairly standard flavor/aroma, the experience that was provided by this hash will likely make up for those shortcomings.  Especially for patients who want medication that’s stronger than flowers for daytime use, this sample did the job of motivating us and keeping us active during the day, while serving to stimulate the mind enough that it distracted us from most minor aches and pains.

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