Cinderella 99 x Black Domina (Tree of Life)Review


Absolutely loaded with trichomes (especially the leaf surfaces, which looked white), this sample was an attractive medium strong green with standard orange pistils.  The predominance of cloudy trichomes made it look lighter to the naked eye than it really is.  It was a rather dense yet slender nug, and it had a little bit of give to it when squeezed rather than breaking apart.


An ethereal pineapple sweetness hangs at the back of the throat, but other than that, it’s mostly just hashy-tasting and not particularly pungent.  Though moderately expansive, it wasn’t harsh at all, but burned to a mottled gray and black ash, indicating it might’ve benefited from a more thorough flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  While it gave a strong energy boost at first, this strain was overall on the calming side, with mental and physical relaxation prevalent, relieving most muscle tension.  Strong mood elevation properties make this a good choice to pull yourself up after a tough day.


A great introduction to a C-99 for people who can’t handle the super rushy feelings it can sometimes give, this hybrid has a little bit of something for everyone.  The absolutely beautiful trich-laden appearance hinted at the potency that lay in wait, but not the complex interactions of Indica and Sativa going on at all times.  The strangely focused and quick movement paired with the calmed and warm body was pretty unique and thoroughly enjoyable.  This was a perfectly-grown sample that holds a ton of potential — if the taste can get dialed in a bit better, it will really be something.

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