Cinderella 99 (Karmaceuticals)Review


This Cinderella had a solid structure but had slightly more leaves than we’re used to for the strain, perhaps due in large part to a somewhat liberal trim… there were quite a few snipped-in-half guard leaves that were not cut at the petiole (where the leaf connects to the stem), leaving a lot of leaf matter in the sample.  Other than that, we were pretty happy with the overall appearance — the sample nug was burly and had good shape, with a variety of colors (mostly dark green leaves/calyxes, mixed yellow/orange pistils) and a shimmering layer of trichomes.  The harvest seemed a bit early to us, as there were only a few visible ambers — also, there were a couple of tiny seeds visible in the sample.


One reviewer got a candy-like taste, but the others got mostly vegetation, with a hint of flowers and citrus (similar to the smell, though even less pungent).  The Haze element is evident in the taste, though we wish it were stronger.  The smoke was smooth on the throat yet rather expansive — any coughing that happened was due to the expansion.  The final ash was a very light gray with a bit of darker ash, showing it had received a solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, motivation, ocular attention, mood elevation, anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, and some drowsy/sleep aid qualities late in the duration.


While this wasn’t the favorite C-99 our staff has had, it was very solid and would serve as a good introduction to the strain for less-experienced patients who may not be able to handle the at-times uber-potent C-99 experience.  This one had some moments of slight raciness, but didn’t really rile up anxiety or carry any negative effects with it, which is nice.  This sample was well-grown, though it seems as if a longer cure and later harvest time might’ve helped convert more of the THC-A into active THC and improve potency overall.  Though it was a little shaggy trim-wise, the bag appeal was above-average, with the smell and overall structure being the highlights.  Recommended as a daytime med, either as an introduction to the day, or as a way to help finish it off with some motivation and energy (i.e. after work when things still need to get done).

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