Cherry Lime Haze (Biocare)Review


Just a touch moist and only average appeal to this flower.  Light green, burnt orange, and shades of brown.  Maroon “cherry” colors come out when viewed from a distance and under shading.


Sweet film only upon exhale.  Not as strong as you’d hope after smelling.


A mild creeper, hitting medicinal levels at 3-4 minutes after smoking.  It is a strong cerebral medicine typical of sativas, whereby my body was functioning very well (easily typing and manipulating the keyboard) but I couldn’t write anything because my mind was not cooperating.  Instead it followed its own thought track, eventually giving way to some indica traits.


**The Cherry Lime Haze is a very nice sample of marijuana.  It has a small creep, falls short on some flavor, but makes up for it with energy and focus from its familiar Haze roots.  This is a morning or mid-day strain with not enough indica to really wipe you out.

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