Cherry Kush (Green Dream Health Services)Review


This sample had an interesting red/purple cast to it overall, looking different than most samples from arm’s length in the bag/jar and even more unique up close.  The Purple Afghani influence can definitely be seen in the coloration, while the structure seemed much like many OG Kush varieties.  Trichome coverage was above-average for sure, with quite a few golden and amber-capped trichome heads that were well-preserved.  The slightly liberal manicure and the presence of a few tiny seeds are the 0nly knocks on this one — it was clearly grown with care and had wonderful structure.


There was a faint fruity sweetness mixed in with some mentholated qualities and a bit of spice — overall though, it just had a hashy, smoky quality that wasn’t particularly distinct or appealing.  The flavor went downhill relatively quickly as well, only really showing itself on the first 2 hits.  Despite that, the smoke was not harsh, but it did make us cough a bit thanks to the level of expansion — the final ash was a very light gray, showing a clean flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mental and physical relaxation (while retaining mental clarity), ocular attention, digestive issues, mood regulation, and some appetite stimulation.


We had some internal disagreements on this strain — one reviewer really loved it and how cerebral it was, while another felt it was sort of a “blah” standard hybrid (“up then down”) experience… the in-between resulted in the A- it received.  The bag appeal was very nice visually, but left a little lacking in the taste area especially; still, it was unique-looking and nothing too negative could be said about the taste and smell.  We appreciated that it retained a level of clarity throughout, only getting a little stupor-inducing right to start — this is a solid choice for general relaxation, relief from minor pain/muscle tension, and mood regulation.  The duration was probably its best feature, as it stayed at medicinal levels for nearly 2 hours and overall lasted longer than most… the THC numbers say “experienced patients only”, but it was a really smooth experience that anyone could enjoy.

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