Cherry Bomb (iVita Wellness)Review


The muted green coloration of this sample seemed to come at least in part from the small-headed champagne-colored trichomes that coated much of the inner surfaces.  The buds were less attractive than they could have been due to a sloppy trim that left some thin stems and non-frosty guard leaves behind — but underneath, the medicine was fairly intact and looked good for the most part (moderate amount of broken trich heads were seen).  The sample was nicely dried and broke apart easily, but we did find a few immature seed pods scattered about.


Like many strains that smell sweet and have us excited to try them, the flavor was a bit of a letdown.  There was a fruity sweetness on the first hit or two, but it quickly took on a charred quality that overtook most of the true flavor.  It was pleasant enough throughout the sample size, but wasn’t anything remarkable — tasted like a standard fruity Indica to our staff.  The final ash was medium-dark gray with only flecks of white, indicating that a longer flush would’ve benefited the flavor.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Ocular effects, energy (and focus), mood elevation, moderate body relaxation, and mild pain relief.


As mentioned earlier, this sample fit perfectly into what we call “ideal B+ meds”, which are strains which are perfect for a day where very heavy medication isn’t desired.  This strain gave us a smooth internal energy that had us checking household chores off our list like crazy or working diligently on semi-detailed work or creative tasks.  The body relaxation that came with it was appreciated and helped to make the energy useful and lasting.  This strain isn’t one of the more impressive to look at or taste, but it was very appealing scent-wise for fans of sweeter berry-style strains.  Check out this Cherry Bomb for moderate daytime relief that won’t leave you tired afterwards or too medicated to function properly.

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