Chernobyl (Evergreen Apothecary)Review


This sample was brightly colored and very attractive to the naked eye, with bold orange pistils and lime green calyxes mixing with the above-average trichome coverage to give it a classic yet amplified look.  The harvest was slightly early for our tastes, with only a handful of ambers visible.  Flaw-wise, there were a decent amount of missing trichome heads, and we did spot a couple of tiny seeds developing, indicating that it may have hermied or been pollinated by something else in the room.  These flaws did little to detract from the overall appeal though, very pretty Sativa sample.


While one reviewer really liked the flavor of this sample, the majority of us felt it was simply average in the taste area, with a piney citrus flavor that wasn’t remarkable.  Though it wasn’t pungent or overtly flavorful, it was a rather smooth smoke that didn’t expand much, making it a good choice for patients who don’t wish to cough.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Moderate muscle relaxation, ocular pressure fluctuations, some relief of stomach issues, mental energy, mood elevation, and sleep aid depending on context/dosage.


This was the first experience with this strain for most of our crew, and it was thought to be an overall very pleasant experience, suitable for getting some work done or exercising a creative muscle.  Its lasting effects with a long linger and very solid initial potency made up for the somewhat lacking taste and smell, which were just not particularly pungent or memorable.  The minor grow flaws took this one down a notch, and we’d like to see it in perfect condition… but it was still very nice to look at and provided an easy, enjoyable experience.

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