ChemDawg Bio-Diesel (Kindness MMC)Review


This sample had a reasonably dense yet open structure typical of most Sativa-dominant hybrids, with large light green calyxes and medium orange pistils.  We would’ve liked to have seen a tighter trim here, as there were some guard leaves left on — but overall, it was still attractive to the eye.  On the macro level, the trichome heads looked a bit strange and malformed in areas, but there were also fields of perfectly well-preserved ones — an average job of trich preservation here.  Harvest timing was mostly good, though perhaps a tiny bit early, as there were not many amber trichs visible.  We noticed a few abnormalities in terms of developing seed pods, so this one may have just gotten pollinated at the last minute.


While the taste (like the smell) isn’t exactly appealing to many people, it certainly is impressive in the same way as the aroma.  Thankfully, the acrid skunkiness is toned down in the flavor a bit, with mostly the fuel, spice, and smoky flavors coming through, with the spice lingering as the aftertaste.  The smoke itself was rather smooth on the actual throat, but expanded readily, causing some coughing at times.  The final ash which remained was a medium-light gray color, indicating a solid flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Near-numbing body relief (it’s seems so strong that you forget about pain for the first hour), strong ocular effects, arthiritis relief (it really hit the hands with warmth and relaxation), some appetite stimulation, and possible sleep aid at high dosages.


This one really impressed us with its raw potency to start, and had one experienced reviewer contemplating if it was the strongest start he’s ever had (flowers OR concentrates).  That said, the potency may simply be too much for many patients, especially those who are prone to anxiety due to some physical manifestations of this sample such as a racing heart and sweating.  Even for our experienced staff, we found ourselves bordering on disoriented and unable to do much of anything for the first hour.  The power held within the effects were certainly hinted at with the smell and taste, which were both very pungent and acrid — Diesel and ChemDawg connoisseurs will love the bag appeal of this one.  We hesitated to give this one an ‘A’ due to the presence of some grow flaws and clear room for improvement, but simply put, the potency, smell, and taste forced our hand — a completely dialed-in version of this strain would probably hit A+ territory for patients who can handle the strong effects, but this one was top-level medicine nonetheless.

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