Captain Kush (Chronic Wellness)Review


The structure of this sample was definitely on the dry and rocky side, just on the acceptable side of “too dry” (though the FSL moisture percentage would say otherwise).  Lots of dark red-orange pistils covered the surfaces of the bud, seemingly taking up as much visual real estate as the leaves and calyxes.  Up-close, we wished that there were more trichome heads preserved, as many seemed to be mutated, broken, or otherwise damaged (maybe 30% intact).  We didn’t really find too much other flaw with it, and overall the trichomes were dense, but the damage served to hurt the overall visual appeal (and likely the potency).


Softly sweet and piney, the flavor was fairly similar to the aroma on the first few hits, but declined from there and just because neutral and smokey.  It never really tasted bad, but the flavor just disappeared rather quickly — we think that the dryness level may have had a lot to do with the way the flavor declined, as well as the way the smoke tickled the throat.  The flush certainly wasn’t to blame for any harshness, because the final ash was mostly white with some black flecks, showing a very quality flush prior to harvest.  This one ultimately just fell short of its potential.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Relief of minor stomach/digestion issues (one reviewer noticed some appetite reduction), mood stabilization, and a slight energy boost.


We’re not sure if the strain itself is just not super-potent (the lineage would suggest otherwise), or if the trichome damage may have knocked the potency down a peg, but for whatever reason, we just didn’t feel that this one hit its potential.  It never was overtly potent and despite lasting a long time, we sort of lost track of the effects at times because they were mild and unobtrusive.  In many senses, this is a good thing (this was a pretty clear-headed med suitable for a day of work), but we think that this one is best saved for newer patients and those seeing moderate relief which last a long time but doesn’t ever feel pushy.  There’s probably more to this strain, and we saw another phenotype which looked better, so we’ll be looking for it again to see if the opinion changes.

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