Bubba OG (Alternative Wellness Center)Review


This sample showed off thin cylindrical nugs that screamed “kush” to the review staff.  White it wasn’t amazing in any area, it was a tightly-manicured, above average density sample that shimmered when the LED was cast its direction.  Its blend of greens and long slender orange pistils gave it a classic look… no flaws to speak of here, the plant appeared to be healthy when harvested.


A near-perfect fusion of the two standard tastes of these strains, it was primarily a spicy, herby Kush taste but one reviewer picked up definite Bubba notes of that signature dark chocolate/coffee musky, bitter quality.  It possessed a long aftertaste as well, hanging in the throat for 5+ minutes after medicating.  The knock on this one was the flush, which appeared to be too short, as the ash was a murky medium gray with some dark chunks remaining.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Major mood elevation, anti-anxiety, body relaxation, strong ocular attention, some anti -nausea and sleep aid properties.


This was a bit of a surprise for us, as the bag appeal didn’t scream potency.  But this was one of the more lastingly potent strains we’ve had lately, with a torquey power that continued through almost 2 hours after a 15 minute “creeper” delay.  Great relaxation and mood elevation properties made this a superb late-night relaxation strain — its Bubba qualities come out later in the duration and can make it a great segue into sleep when medicated a few hours before bedtime.  Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the Highlands — great job by Alternative Wellness with this one.

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