Bubba Kush (Verde Wellness Center)Review


This Bubba is lighter than most that we’re used to seeing — it had a light minty green color and the pistils were also a lighter golden orange rather than the normal Bubba brick red.  This definitely seems to be a somewhat rare cut, as it just seemed quite different than the ones we’ve had locally in a variety of ways.  The harvest timing was very good, with a collection of golden and amber-headed trichomes amongst clear and cloudy.  Structure-wise, it’s exactly what we expect from the notoriously low-yielding plant, with dense oddly-shaped nuggets made up mostly of large calyxes.  The only real flaw we found were a couple of tiny seeds, which were only noticed via the microscope.


Fresher and more frontal than most Bubbas, this one seemed to carry a piney flavor on the inhale, changing to a more spicy, floral, incense-like flavor on the exhale and aftertaste.  Like most Bubbas, the taste hangs in your head for quite some time and leaves a pleasant spicy smell in the air.  Though we really enjoyed the flavor, the final ash was a murky medium gray, indicating that the flush could’ve been quite a bit better.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Heavy muscle relaxation, pain relief, mood elevation, energy to start, and sleep aid to finish.


We were a bit confused by the aroma and taste, as they were different than the vast majority of Bubba Kush cuts we’ve tried — some reviewers liked it more than normal, others were less blow-away, but we all enjoyed it thoroughly.  It’s rare that all reviewers report a nearly identical physical sensation, but the massaging upper back qualities this one displayed were probably the best part of the experience.  For patients seeking a medicinal Indica that doesn’t go right for the tiredness from the start, this Bubba from Verde offers a unique experience that will impress even those who are nonplussed with the strain after years of similar cuts.  A few minor flaws aside, this is a great Bubba — if those issues are corrected, we can easily see this one in the strong A range due to its lasting duration and high medicinal value.

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