Bubba Kush (Southwest Alternative Care)Review


When we think of “Bubba Kush”, this is almost exactly what we think of; the minty green + purple coloration, the pinecone shape, the large pointed crown of calyxes at the top of the nugs, and the suitable level of frostiness.  This was a very well-done Bubba, with no visible grow flaws such as tiny seeds.  We would’ve liked to see slightly more amber trichome heads, but other than that, there were no real complaints from the staff.


This was a very smooth-tasting Bubba, both in terms of the flavor and in terms of the actual smoke.  More like the pre-grind smell than the post-grind smell, the flavor had hints of vanilla, chocolate, and spice — the aftertaste and mouthfeel seemed to have a very minty quality as well, with one reviewer reporting a cool, clean feeling in the mouth for nearly 30 minutes.  The flavor was also enduring, remaining even as the bowl was black and beginning to turn white.  The final ash was a very light gray with patches of white, showing a very good flush. This Bubba is highly-recommended for those who don’t want to cough and appreciate a thoroughly pleasant smoking experience.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Mood elevation, mental and physical relaxation, appetite stimulation, some relief of digestive issues, and light pain relief.


If we graded upon “bag appeal” alone, this Bubba would be A+ material, because it’s simply beautiful to look at, smell, and taste.  It hits all the proper Bubba notes at different times, with the prototypical dank, spicy smell but an unusually-smooth smoking experience and mouthfeel that we loved.  The effects however were more mild and less sedative than many Bubba Kush samples that we’ve had in the past.  We think that the slightly early harvest may have contributed to the light-feeling experience and that letting it go a bit more amber might get more in line with what most users think of in terms of the Bubba Kush experience.  Essentially, this one’s effects hinted at the deep medicinal value that Bubba holds, but just never got quite there in terms of overall potency — though at a high dosage (0.3 grams or more), the effects certainly increased in strength and would do the job for most people.  We’d like to see this one again with a little more maturity and see if things change, but the experience was still wholly enjoyable and the lighter effect actually served to make it a more versatile med… we can easily see this one as a daytime choice despite Bubba’s reputation for a more heavy-handed experience.

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