Bubba Kush (Nedicate)Review


Gleaming with tall clear/cloudy trichomes, this sample is dark-looking overall with some slight purpling and brick red pistils.  Though this sample was absolutely spectacular looking, there were a few tiny seeds and some yellowed leaves left on, knocking the score down slightly.  It left the fingers sticky after handling even though it was totally dry.


A very appealing taste, though not pungent, this Bubba had a light sweetness but was mostly a cool-tasting and slightly fuely Kush.  The taste disappeared somewhat quickly though, with only the first 2 hits having a hint of it.  The smoke was very expansive and is the type that can sneak up on you and elicit some coughing.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Potent mood elevation, sleep aid, body relaxation, mild pain relief, and anti-depression properties… great medical strain.


Though the taste was a little different than the Bubba we’ve become accustomed to, this particular cut was extremely potent and had a high medicinal value for patients seeking relaxation and tension/pain relief properties.  This one definitely earned its ‘A’ based on the potency, duration, and medicinal qualities, but the appearance was fairly spectacular as well, especially in the trichome coverage and density.  Yet another potent and quality med from the mountains of Nederland…

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