Bubba Diesel (Stone Mountain Wellness)Review


The sample was dry, well manicured, pest free, medium density and covered in beautiful trichomes.  Coloration is shades of green and very fuzzy orange pistils.


We got multiple reports of a sweet fertilizer taste, even a dark berry hint, but overall it was agreed that while the flavor was still very pleasant it was certainly the weakest mark of the group.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Good for head to toe body pain, and was able to rid a slight headache. Also recommended for depression and hypertension.


This is a very strong and impressive strain.  The hybrid waves were quite pronounced but not uncomfortable or meddling.  The high was still clear while the medicine worked well for body aches, muscle tension, and pain relief.  It was a beautiful cluster of flowers, presented well, and the experience was therapeutic and enjoyable.  It’s hard to beat that combo.

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