Bruce Banner #3 (Green Dream Health Services)Review


This Bruce Banner #3 had rather sound structure for a Sativa-dominant strain, made up of several spear-shaped nugs that displayed alternating dark and light green coloration and deep blood red pistils.  The trichome preservation was high, indicating that this sample was well cared-for post-harvest and didn’t go through a mechanical trimmer.  The harvest timing was very good, but perhaps slightly early for our tastes, as there weren’t many visible amber heads.  We did find a couple of tiny immature seeds via the microscope, but they were not noticeable with the naked eye.  We were semi-impressed with the visual appeal of this strain — we’ve seen better BB’s in the past, but it’s still rather well-done.


The main flavor again brought to mind the Ghost’s OG Kush mother plant, producing a spice and soil-heavy flavor that reminded us a bit of anise liqueur.  Some reviewers complained of “hot smoke” as this one went on, but overall the flavor was nicely enduring and stayed consistent for most of us.  The smoke itself was definitely a little harsh and expansive, making this more of an advanced smoking experience compared to many strains.  The final ash was light gray with white speckles, showing it had a good flush.


(We are NOT doctors – personal opinion ONLY)  Energy, mood elevation, lots of head and eye pressure cycling (possible migraine and ocular relief), and some late relaxation.


Bruce Banner #3 is certainly an A+ potential strain, but it really depends on what the patient is medicating for as to whether or not it ever reaches that mark personally.  For most of us, it’s just too rushy and cerebral (some reviewers complained of equilibrium loss as well, comparing it to motion sickness) for daily use.  For others, it’s a great uplift that serves to snap you out of your seat and enhance productivity — we though it would make a good exercise and high-energy activity type of strain.  The tiny seeds were the only real mark against it grow-wise, as the structure and trichome coverage were both very nice.  Some reviewers loved the taste while to others it was just okay, but it was a lasting flavor that most OG/Diesel heads will enjoy.  This is definitely a daytime med, but it’s advisable to take it easy on the dosage at first,especially if anxiety is a concern.

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